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Prevention is better than cure

It is a well-known fact that prevention is better than cure which simply means that prevention is much easier than going all the way to cure it. If we aim at preventing our bodies from several dangerous factors, which may make drastic changes in our natural body system if ignored, we can live much more harmonious and healthy life with increased lifespan. We are more prone to diseases now than ever with the increased level pollution carrying millions of bacteria that we breathe in. In ancient times when medicines were off limits natural remedies were preferred which used to work like wonders. Keeping in mind one such natural remedy, an advanced technology USNAM 1 DEGREE is introduced which heats up the body, preventing diseases or bacteria to stop multiplying before it becomes severe.

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Usnam 1 Degree

USNAM 1 Degree is the first advanced equipment which helps in preventing from various diseases or illnesses to which we are exposed in our daily lives. It is world’s best equipment which takes high frequency into the body 460,000 times per second. By the molecular movements, it can generate heat that helps to prevent diseases by eliminating it before it can take form. USNAM 1 Degree can prevent from most diseases, using the principle that any such cell will be vulnerable to high heat. When our body temperature reaches 42.5°C for 50 minutes, the normal cells disperses heat with expansion of blood vessels. At this point, no disease can spread or even originate.

When the body temperature is increased by 1°C, the immunity of human body is increased by 3-5 times. This new advanced technology is efficient as well as effective on protecting the immune system. USNAM 1 Degree is high frequency hyperthermia equipment. It is the leader of HYPERTHERMIA. This equipment aims to prevent from various diseases by generating the strong deep heat by 0.46MHz frequency which increases the organ temperature deep inside our body, killing off the chances of the diseases to attack the immune system.

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Adipo LABs supply the best medical apparatus with the advanced technology and high quality. Adipo LABs have developing the innovative product and a top-class skill through persistent research and development since its foundation. As a company where specializes heat treatment apparatus based on high frequency, we develop and product the various apparatus for medical, individual and family uses and create pleasant and health enterprise culture on the basis of new high frequency technique and creative idea.